3LayerKake (3LK) is an ongoing contextually stochastic audience informed improvisational movement, sound, and power study. The audience is prompted to share their desires for the evening prior to the performance. Using these desires as data, musser/Bodnarchuk respond to these desires through movement and sound in a conditionally guided improv.

This work exploits the power exchange between artist and audience. Intent, pleasure, and execution are at stake throughout a performance. Prior to the performance of 3LK, viewers are instructed to provide a few notes on their desires of the performers/performance, i.e. what they want to see, experience, feel. musser/Bodnarchuk dissect the responses for trends. Analyzed data is then used to feed a contextually informed performance. 3LK attempts to investigate what artists must do to create meaningful, provocative, and evolving work while still providing an engaging performance for audiences. musser/Bodnarchuk use sound and movement to provide immediate data feedback for the audience to have what they want. 


Future Interstates is a bi-monthly event curated by Body Cartography and HIJACK, and presented at The Cowles Center for Dance & The Performing Arts, Target Education Studio; Minneapolis, MN

Performers: Alexandra Bodnarchuk, b.a. musser, the audience

Videographer: Charles Campbell.